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Scholarship to study in Australia/ Apply now.

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If you are interested in studying in Australia but are not sure how you are going to fund this exciting period of your education, why not consider applying for a scholarship? It is a great way to receive some extra financial help while you live and study in Australia. Depending on the conditions of your scholarship, you could potentially have your tuition fees, living allowance or study materials covered.

When researching scholarships, it is important to think outside the box. Universities and their faculties offer plenty of scholarships; however, there are a number of other organisations that you should consider. The Australian Government offers a number of grants to students across all study levels, from vocational to doctoral. You could also research residential colleges, international organisations and government institutions in your home country to see if they offer financial help for students interested in studying abroad. Be aware that some scholarships are only offered to students from certain countries, or even to those who choose to study a specific course. When applying for scholarships, it is better to apply for as many as you can – this gives you a greater chance of receiving a grant, and remember that every little bit of funding will count!

The scholarship application process can be a complex and overwhelming one. Competition for scholarships is intense, and grants are often given on the basis of excellent academic merit. It can be hard to know where to start, so we have detailed the steps you should take to apply for a scholarship in Australia.

Search for courses that interest you

Generally, it is best to search for courses first – doing so will indicate where you will be studying, which is important to know if you want to apply for a university scholarship!

Research courses in your field of study to see what is available. If you have found a course or courses that interest you, make sure that you check the admission requirements to confirm that you are eligible. After you have decided on your course, you can take the next step towards searching for available scholarships.

Do some scholarship research

If you would like to gain funding from an institution, research what scholarships are offered by the university that runs your desired course. Those who are seeking scholarships from other organisations should check that they fulfil all terms and conditions, including field of study restrictions and visa arrangements. Remember that it is important to ensure your complete eligibility for any scholarship you apply for, regardless of the type or level of funding.

Assess your eligibility

Measuring your eligibility for a scholarship revolves around meeting academic requirements. This could mean you need to achieve a minimum average study grade to be considered, or you are only allowed to complete subjects or courses in particular study areas. It is vital that you meet every condition of the scholarship to improve your chances of being accepted.

Scholarships require a lot of documentation, so make sure that you have all necessary paperwork sorted. This could even involve getting certain documents translated or certified before you submit your application. If you need to submit an essay or statement alongside your application, make sure that you meet all requirements such as word limits and deadlines. It is a good idea to ask a fluent English speaker to review your application before submitting it, as spelling and grammatical mistakes can prove costly on your application.


This is the scary part! You have found your dream Australian course, triple-checked your eligibility, gathered all your documents and saved up a bucket load of money to put towards your study journey Down Under. Now, it’s time to submit your application to your provider! It is vital that you submit all applications and documentation by the deadline date to ensure you have the best chance of being accepted.

Whether you are considering financial help or already have your application in the works, it is best that you refer to your scholarship provider as the first point of contact. If you have any concerns or queries, they will be the best resource you can turn to as each scholarship has different terms and conditions.

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